SV2 Teens Kicks Off in January 2021!

SV2 Teens will start Sunday, January 10th 2021 for Teens (grades 7 – 12) of SV2 Partners. That may seem far away, but it will be here before we know it! To participate in the program this year, Teens – please apply here by Friday, Jan. 8th 2021.

We’re hosting an SV2 Teens Info Session on Zoom Sunday, Dec. 6th from 1:30 – 3:00 pm RSVP here. We invite all interested in learning more about the program to attend. Current SV2 Teens, alumni, and their parents will share their first-hand experiences with the program and the impact it has had on them. We’ll provide an overview of the program. We welcome both current SV2 Partners whose teens have not yet participated as well as prospective Partner families to join us.

SV2 Teens offers youth the opportunity to participate in a nonprofit grant round – reviewing three nonprofits and awarding funds based on their review and analysis. Since the program’s founding in 2009, SV2 Teens have made over a dozen grants together in the areas of criminal justice reform, environmental sustainability, hunger and homelessness, STEM education, and resilient youth in the Bay Area. 

Here’s generally what Teens will do: 

From January – May 2021 over about 9 sessions (for a few hrs during some weekends), 

  1. Share who / what you care about – e.g. families without housing, people who are racially oppressed, climate change sustainability – and learn about leadership and venture philanthropy 
  2. Together as a group – identify an issue you want to focus on for the rest of the program – e.g. great education for all throughout the Bay Area
  3. Hone changemaker skills like active listening, taking a community asset based approach, teamwork, and leadership
  4. Research and learn more about the issues and solutions, and organizations doing great work
  5. List organizations you want to learn more about and invite them to participate in our initiative
  6. Learn more about 3 organizations – e.g. hear the stories of community leaders, have insightful discussions with the organization’s staff, do some virtual volunteering
  7. Determine how to allocate funding across the 3 organizations – yes, you’re giving out real money!
  8. Celebrate with the organizations and reflect on the overall experience with your family and friends
  9. Have fun! 

This award-winning program has been lauded in the philanthropic field and in the press (take a look at the Chicago Tribune). And now the data is in: The Giving Journey report and other sources indicate the powerful lifelong influence of early philanthropic experiences.  SV2 Teens invites teens of any age and experience level to learn, be leaders and jump in as changemakers.

Any questions? Contact Amy Badiani