SV2 Visionary Leadership Circle: Social Impact Acceleration meets Celebration

SV2 is an accelerator of social impact leaders. And SV2’s Visionary Leadership Circle (VLC)  is an accelerator of SV2. These SV2 Partners and supporters provide financial and strategic support that make it possible for a wider range of givers to be part of the SV2 community, as well as to continue to grow our outsized social impact in Silicon Valley and well beyond.  

Founded in 2016, the VLC includes both “pioneer Partners” who have fueled SV2 since its founding in 1998  and more recent additions to the SV2 Partner community. It has grown, with each VLC member contributing $20,000+ each year to support SV2’s organizational capacity and sustainable impact.  

VLC members connect twice a year for intimate gatherings in a special setting with an invited guest to engage in dialogue about a social impact topic using our guest’s perspective as a springboard. 

On Tuesday, February 4th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, SV2 Partner and VLC member, Judy Koch will host the Visionary Leadership Circle for cocktails and conversation with special guest, Holly Kernan, Chief Content Officer for KQED.  We invite current Partners and those considering joining SV2 to learn more by contacting Lisa Van Dusen reach out to VLC Steering Committee members Aarti Chandna, Lisa Jones, Kelly Pope or Tony Stayner.