What SV2’s reading and watching

sv2-booksSV2 Springboard Session Video — The Giving Code: The State of Silicon Valley Nonprofits & Philanthropy. SV2 Partners Alexa Culwell and Heather McLeod Grant led a special session for SV2 on their new report on our region’s nonprofit and philanthropy ecosystems and how SV2 can play an important leadership role in bridging disconnects between the two.

Passionate about Potential (Huffington Post). Check out SV2 Grantee Village Enterprise featured in this HuffPost article about how, amidst the overwhelming need and opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa, Village Enterprise has been laser-focused on lifting families out of extreme poverty using fundamental financial inclusion interventions.

Three Things Every Growing Nonprofit Needs to Scale (Stanford Social Innovation Review) — Kathleen Kelly Janus summarizes her research findings on early-stage social entrepreneurship success stories, research that included data from former SV2 Grantees.