Thank You & Farewell to Ashley Clark

After nearly four years with SV2, our Director of Grantee Impact & Strategic Initiatives Ashley Clark is moving on to her next adventure in early March. Ashley is a passionate advocate for equity and justice, a bold and strategic thinker, and the kindest and most welcoming person we know. We’re beyond grateful for Ashley’s service to SV2’s mission and excited to cheer her on in her next step.

Ashley came on board Team SV2 in August 2014. Over her four years here, she’s worn many hats with skill and grace, and her fingerprints are all over SV2. In the communications arena, Ashley led our strategic branding process, which resulted not only in a new logo and branding materials but in clearer messaging to better tell SV2’s story. She also led the charge on our beautiful new website that launched in January 2017, and she managed the transition to our new online collaboration platform, my.SV2. Last spring, Ashley skillfully navigated us through our 2017-2020 strategic planning process with her unique combination of an incisive, analytical mind and ability to unify a range of diverse viewpoints. To say SV2 is a stronger and better organization because of Ashley is certainly an understatement. For years to come, SV2 will reap the benefits of Ashley’s strategic mind and hard work.

Almost two years ago, Ashley gracefully transitioned from her communications and operations role into our Director of Grantee Impact. She’s worked alongside our Grantee and Impact Investee leaders and SV2 Lead Partners to ensure SV2 is most effectively serving our Grantees and Impact Investees in bringing their missions to life, through Beyond-the-Dollars Support and capacity-building. Additionally, this past fall and spring, Ashley has led our Lightning Grant Rounds focused on Resilient Youth. She’s also courageously pushed forward SV2’s thinking on how our work can address the systemic racial and economic inequities entrenched in our society. As just one example, check out Ashley in action at this panel of experts on the role of philanthropy in addressing equity, which she organized and moderated in March 2017.

Even with all of her impressive accomplishments, anyone who knows Ashley would say that what she’s done is nowhere near as important as who she is. When we think of Ashley, the words that come to mind are “welcoming,” “ray of sunshine,” and “passionate” (to name a few!). Ashley has brought joy to our team every day that we’ve worked with her. She models for us what it means to be a compassionate, supportive, and caring team member. If you’ve been within two feet of Ashley, chances are you’ve been the recipient of one of her trademark hugs or her million-watt smile. In her work with our Grantees, Impact Investees, and applicants, Ashley embodies a spirit of servant leadership with humility, respect, and a dedication to justice and equity. She inspires us all to be kinder, braver, and more joyful.

Please join us in thanking Ashley for her years of service to SV2. Ashley, you are always part of the SV2 family, and we will always be cheering you on.