Thanks to Outgoing Board Members

We are deeply grateful for the many contributions of outgoing Board members Dan Barritt, Aarti Chandna, Paru Desai, Lisa Jones, and Rick Tinsley. Dan has served as a Grant Round leader and member of the Grantmaking and Impact Investment Review Committee (GIIRC) of the Board. He also has offered his professional expertise in user experience on beyond-the-dollars projects for Grantee Community Partners, and in helping to identify and design SV2’s internal collaboration platform. Aarti has served as a Grant Round leader and has led SV2’s Impact Investing Working Group for many years, tirelessly sourcing deals, conducting diligence, and serving as a Lead Partner for multiple Investees. Paru’s leadership includes the Get Proximate initiative, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) working group, serving as Grant Round leader and on the GIIRC, hosting multiple social events in her home, and most recently, joining the SV2 staff team on an interim part-time basis to help with new Partner recruitment. She has been a champion of Partner-led efforts at SV2, founding and leading the Social Impact Book Club and piloting a Partner trip to the US South next fall for deep learning about social justice and civil rights. Lisa was an early impact investing leader at SV2 and has served as a Grant Round leader and member of the Board’s Finance Committee. She also led SV2’s DEI working group, crafting our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) training and paving the way for many of the equity commitments in SV2’s current Strategic Plan. Rick has been engaged in SV2’s grantmaking and impact investing work, serving as a Lead Partner for both Grantee and Investee Community Partners. His thoughtful input on the Finance Committee has helped to shape SV2’s fiscal policies.

We appreciate these stellar leaders, and all they have given to the SV2 community during their time on the Board. Thank you!