Awareness and Action towards Racial Justice and Equitable Outcomes

Heightened awareness of deep racial injustice in our country, including the inequitable impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, has called us to grow, learn, and act together as a community. SV2 is responding with a range of programming for Partner engagement and learning, as well as the launch of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group.

This fall, SV2 Partners will have a range of opportunities to learn about the systemic racial injustice which underlies inequitable economic, health, and educational outcomes.

SV2 has also launched a DEI Working Group which is examining SV2’s grant-making and impact investing to increase incorporation of equity and racial justice considerations — for example, working to diversify SV2’s pipeline of prospective Grantees and Impact Investees by actively sourcing organizations led by people of color. The group is also assessing a variety of structured approaches for SV2 Partners who wish to engage in learning journeys around these topics. The Working Group is co-led by SV2 Board member Lisa Jones and staff member Jody Chang, and members include Paru Desai, David Dill, Shalyn Eason, Kwok Lau, and Harold Wang. This work just officially began in July, and we look forward to sharing more as the work proceeds. If you’re interested in learning more or sharing your thoughts, please reach out to Jody Chang.

Our hope is that the SV2 community will stretch and grow both individually and corporately this year in awareness and action to address racial justice and more equitable outcomes.