Values-Aligned Investing Workshop

Join ValuesAdvisor’s Kate Simpson and SV2 CEO David Onek for a two-session workshop on Values-Aligned Investing on May 12 and May 19. With a focus on interactive discussion and community building, the workshop will help you better align your investments with your values. You will be guided through a unique, personal reflection journey that incorporates guided meditations with group work and journal writing. The workshop is designed for all levels of expertise, from novice impact investors to experienced practitioners: all will uncover new learnings. The material in session 2 will build on the material from session 1, so we’re encouraging participants to attend both sessions for the fullest experience.

You will:

  • Explore your money story, the origin of your relationship with money
  • Identify your money mindset and limiting beliefs you may hold about money
  • Determine what is deeply important to you, personally and in the broader world
  • Learn the basics about the impact investing field: the categories of impact and impact examples within each asset class
  • Craft a written “values” investment policy statement

Each session will include:

  • Interactive discussions led by facilitating teachers Kate Simpson and David Onek
  • Short guided meditations and journal prompt writing
  • Discussion and reflection, in pairs and as a whole group
  • Q&A
  • Access to accompanying online workbook to support in-person sessions, offering additional research, guided meditations and writing prompts to enhance and support your learning experience.

If you’d like to attend, please RSVP here.