Welcome, Newest Lightning Grantee: GridLab!

Our Environment Lightning Grant Round was action-packed! We had the amazing opportunity to get to know how six organizations are advancing climate solutions and environmental sustainability, as well as replicating and/or scaling their work. SV2 Partners selected GridLab as our new Lightning Grantee! 

GridLab provides technical grid expertise to enhance policy decision-making and to ensure a rapid transition to a reliable, cost effective, and low carbon future.

We’re also thrilled to have learned more about the two Finalist organizations: Canopy (planting and caring for trees where people need them most, prioritizing tree planting and stewardship, education, and advocacy in communities where people do not have a thriving urban forest due to limited resources, competing priorities, and historical development and urbanization patterns) and Menlo Spark (helping Menlo Park become climate neutral by 2025, collaborating with local government, businesses, residents, and top experts to apply proven sustainability measures to Menlo Park through community engagement).

We were honored to hear from Catherine Martineau and Kammy Lo (Canopy), Ric O’Connell (GridLab), Diane Bailey and Kristin Kuntz-Duriseti (Menlo Spark).

Of the Partners who responded to the LGR feedback survey, 100% shared that their level of knowledge about local community needs and potential solutions increased as a result of participating in this LGR.

Some Partner testimonials:

More serious than ever about climate change challenges and importance of communication and advocacy as well as local action and technological knowledge.”

“Participation allowed me to gain a perspective from knowledgeable fellow SV2 partners with different areas of expertise. It broadened my personal lens and made me feel more connected to SV2.”

A big thank you to our highly accomplished and thoughtful Funder Allies – Devra Wang, Program Director Climate and Clean Energy with Heising-Simons Foundation and Ash McNeely, Executive Director with Sand Hill Foundation. Also so much appreciation to Bill Brownell and Jennifer McFarlane (our ambitious, detailed, and innovative Grant Round Partner Co-Leaders), and all who participated in making this an action-oriented and insightful learning experience.