Welcome SV2 Teens 2019 Grantees

This year, SV2 Teens decided to learn more about local environmental issues and solutions. They went on site-visits, learned more about and allocated a $20,000 grant across three organizations: SunWork Renewable Energy Projects (installs solar electricity systems on small-energy-footprint homes and nonprofits with the help of trained volunteers), Literacy for Environmental Justice (urban greening, eco-literacy, community stewardship and workforce development opportunities that directly engage and support local residents), and Cool Block (local community engagement to develop day to day environmentally friendly practices). We were so energized to experience how all three organizations are making environmental sustainability more engaging and accessible, energizing youth as changemakers, and taking holistic community-led approaches. 27 Teens signed up for the program this year. A bunch of Teens expressed interest in volunteering as a result of the program. Thanks to: all Teens for your participation, teamwork, and leadership, all the families for all your support, all three organizations, and our great co-facilitator, Stephanie Denzer and Allow Good for making this such a positive experience!