Introducing Our Newest Impact Investee: Amped Innovation

We’re pleased to introduce our newest Impact Investee, Amped Innovation! SV2 has made a $25,000 investment in Amped Innovation, which joins our portfolio as our thirteenth impact investment since 2015.

Amped Innovation designs and engineers high-quality, solar-powered appliances to increase income for families living under $4 per day. Amped’s products spark the conversion of latent energy demand to actual demand in off-grid regions by finally making these products and power systems economically viable. Amped’s best-in-class efficient appliances meet the needs of distributors and are affordable to low-income populations, helping families move out of poverty by unlocking rural energy access. It supports productive use appliances for those who want to watch TV, light up their homes, charge their phones, make ice, power a barber shop, preserve fish and produce, irrigate their crops and more.

Amped is focused on building

  • income generating appliances that go beyond 200W at less than $400 end-user price point that increase incomes.
  • the highest power entry-level product in the market to drive new customers to distributed energy. 
  • the backup “reliability” hardware that makes mini-grids and weak grids more cost-effective and efficient (distributed battery backup and efficient appliances).

Amped’s social impact includes both environmental and economic impact: 

  • reduction of black carbon and CO2 emissions
  • economic savings as households switch from kerosene and/or other conventional fuels 
  • improved health, especially respiratory and eye issues from reduced exposure to kerosene fumes and reduced burns
  • increased incomes as households use appliances to support and expand their businesses

Join us in welcoming Amped Innovation to the SV2 community. For more information, please visit Amped on their website.

Impact Investing? Tell me more.

If you’re new to impact investing, learn more about how it works at SV2 by checking out our helpful overview. The SV2 Impact Investing Working Group meets monthly to discuss prospective impact investment opportunities, hear pitches from social entrepreneurs, and perform due diligence in order to make informed investment decisions on behalf of SV2. All Partners are welcome to begin regularly attending IIWG meetings at any point in the year or are welcome to audit meetings on a drop-in basis. This is a fantastic way to hear from inspiring social entrepreneurs and participate in a hands-on and highly engaged investment process.