Introducing Our Newest Impact Investee: Suyo

We’re pleased to introduce our newest Impact Investee, Suyo! SV2 has made a $25,000 investment in Suyo, which joins our portfolio as our ninth Impact Investee since 2015.

Suyo helps families secure their property rights by offering the most affordable and reliable property formalization services in Latin America. Suyo unlocks the social and economic benefits of property for low-income families by providing affordable and reliable property formalization services. Globally, over 4.5 billion land parcels are informal, and 140 countries do not have effective property administration systems. In Latin America, approximately 60% of families have not registered their property.

Families living on informal property miss out on numerous benefits that could potentially lift them out of poverty, such as access to loans, protection from eviction and the ability to transfer rights. With the economic boost of formalized property, families can make home improvements, send children to school and invest in small businesses. Accurate, up-to-date property data also enables governments to plan more effectively and improve social services.

Research has shown that secure property rights benefit the poor in numerous ways:

  • 12% increase in loan approval rates
  • 3.8 times more income for women property owners
  • 35% increase in individual savings
  • doubled investments in property improvements
  • 28% reduction in child labor

​​Based on their market analysis and model, Suyo aims to directly impact 571,600 primary customers with formal property and indirectly impact 1,420,000 lives with the broader societal benefits of property formalization over the next five years.

Join us in welcoming Suyo to the SV2 community. For more information, please visit Suyo on their website.

Impact Investing? Tell me more.

If you’re new to impact investing, learn more about how it works at SV2 by checking out our helpful overview. The SV2 Impact Investing Working Group meets monthly to discuss prospective impact investment opportunities, hear pitches from social entrepreneurs, and perform due diligence in order to make informed investment decisions on behalf of SV2. All Partners are welcome to begin regularly attending IIWG meetings at any point in the year or are welcome to audit meetings on a drop-in basis. This is a fantastic way to hear from inspiring social entrepreneurs and participate in a hands-on and highly engaged investment process.