Introducing Our Newest Impact Investees: MedHaul and Harvest Thermal

We’re pleased to introduce our newest Impact Investees, MedHaul and Harvest Thermal! SV2 has made a $50,000 investment in MedHaul and a $25,000 investment in Harvest Thermal — our fifteenth and sixteenth impact investments since 2015.

MedHaul offers cloud-based software solutions that ease the laborious and costly burdens of managing specialized patient transportation, especially for patients in vulnerable communities. Hospitals, patients, and medical transportation providers now have an end-to-end platform that makes it easy to find and book transportation for patients with complex needs, while also streamlining the management of day-to-day transportation operations. Their app connects healthcare organizations to high quality non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers for patients with special needs. Their technology automates the transportation process, providing a single place to schedule and track rides for patients. This saves schedulers and nurses time, and significantly reduces missed appointments, saving costs for medical systems and increasing positive patient health outcomes. MedHaul’s founder and CEO, Erica Plybeah, is an African-American woman whose lived experience with family healthcare transportation challenges shaped her company vision. MedHaul serves the lowest income zip codes in Memphis, and plans to expand to other low income areas across the southeastern United States.

Harvest Thermal is developing innovative heating, hot water and cooling systems that reduce our impact on the planet while providing superior comfort, healthier and safer homes and lowering costs. Harvest Thermal designs and manufactures a combined domestic hot water and home heating system using a single [air-to-water] heat pump and water tank to both provide hot water and air heating and to store thermal energy for use during peak rates, reducing both costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Their high-efficiency heating with thermal storage cuts energy bills up to 50 percent, slashes greenhouse gas emissions up to 90 percent, and provides cleaner air, inside and outside the home. The team, including co-founder and CEO Jane Melia, includes multiple PhDs and is well qualified for designing, engineering, manufacturing and deploying the Harvest Thermal product. Harvest Thermal aims to work with green builders, commercial and affordable housing developers, and individual homeowners on both new and retrofit installations.

Join us in welcoming these two terrific companies to the SV2 community. For more information, please visit MedHaul and Harvest Thermal on their websites.

Impact Investing? Tell me more.

If you’re new to impact investing, learn more about how it works at SV2 by checking out our helpful overview. The SV2 Impact Investing Working Group meets monthly to discuss prospective impact investment opportunities, hear pitches from social entrepreneurs, and perform due diligence in order to make informed investment decisions on behalf of SV2. All Partners are welcome to begin regularly attending IIWG meetings at any point in the year or are welcome to audit meetings on a drop-in basis. This is a fantastic way to hear from inspiring social entrepreneurs and participate in a hands-on and highly engaged investment process. Please reach out to Jody Chang with questions.