Welcome Impact Investee, NeedsList!

grantee international disaster nonprofitWe’re thrilled to introduce our newest Impact Investee, NeedsList! SV2 has made a $50,000 investment in NeedsList, which joins our portfolio as our eighth Impact Investee since 2015.

NeedsList is a platform solution creating a new way to match resources with communities in crisis to support local economies. With NeedsList, NGO workers are able to share the needs of their community via the platform. From there, individual and corporate donors can immediately meet those needs by purchasing goods from suppliers who are local to the NGO and by donating funds. NeedsList helps communities receive the resources they need from in-country suppliers to save time when needs are urgent and to build relationships between local suppliers and community service agencies.

Natasha Freidus founded NeedsList in 2016 in response to her experience as an aid worker coordinating resources to support Syrian refugees in France. Her co-founder Amanda Levinson, similarly realized that supply drives and other means of collecting resources were time-consuming and inefficient. Together, they built NeedsList to support local economies, foster relationships between NGO workers and suppliers, and make sure donors could meet community needs around the globe.

We are pleased to support NeedsList as they connect donors to communities and communities to resources. Join us in welcoming NeedsList to the SV2 community. For more information, please visit NeedsList at their website.

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