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Welcome, SV2 Teens 2020 Grantees

This year, SV2 Teens decided to learn more about criminal justice reform. We went on site-visits, learned more about and allocated a $20,000 grant across three organizations: Defy Ventures (shifts mindsets to give people with criminal...



Social Venture Bright Spots

The Social Ventures we support (Grantees and Investees) are heroically, resourcefully, and lovingly rapidly adapting to fulfilling community needs. We want to highlight some ways they are doing this. We encourage you to look through their...



SV2 Bright Spots: Uplifting Updates

We realize many of our community members might be feeling overwhelmed due to rising challenges surrounding COVID-19 disruptions and ramifications. In an effort to disrupt news feeds full of discouraging news, we are sharing some of the...